Core Values Of The Sunflower Foundation


Values are the attitudes, mind sets, beliefs and norms that determine how work is accomplished and how we interact with each other and with our patients and their families.


Values are the tools needed to accomplish our vision. Here are our seven core values:


COMPASSION - Acknowledging the feelings of others with empathy, support, sensitivity, encouragement and understanding; listening and responding to individual needs in a kind and caring manner.


COMPETENCE - Demonstrating expertise in carrying out the responsibilities of our position and allowing others to develop confidence in us.


DIVERSITY - Respecting individual’s values, beliefs, uniqueness and differences at all times.


INTEGRITY - Behavior that is honest, fair, and trustworthy, of high character, demonstrating good morals and ethics, demonstrating strength of character and at all times respect for others.


TEAMWORK - Working toward the common goal in an environment of mutual trust and respect.


QUALITY - Commitment in excellence to the services we provide.


CUSTOMER SERVICE - Taking pride in providing services beyond the expectation of the patient and their family that is extraordinary. Together creating a fulfilling and caring experience for all involved.


How We Grant Assistance


There are four steps to granting assistance.

Each of these steps builds on the next to help create assistance for hospice patients that are beyond their original expectations. Assistance is frequently a need the patient or family has that is a source of fulfillment for a desire the patient has. It is a positive experience that allows them to have some additional comfort and peace of mind while going through the serious illness they are experiencing while on hospice care. This assistance is often more than just a need to simply fulfill their daily living, but it allows the patient to feel they still have a sense of accomplishment and promise for the future.



We rely on medical professionals, families, parents and children for referrals as well as hospices.



We determine a person's medical eligibility through the hospice service they have or the attending physician. To receive assistance, a person must be on hospice care with a serious illness placing that person in his or her last 6 months of life.



We send out our team of compassionate and caring volunteers to find out what the need is and how our foundation can ensure



Our team has a wonderful group of people that help to grant and provide the assistance a patient needs. It is truly a phenomenal experience that allows the patients and their family to experience true joy and happiness.


Make A Donation



The Sunflower Foundation is in need of "Rays of Sunshine" like you.


The Sunflower Foundation is able to bring "Rays of Sunshine" to hospice patients thanks to the support of generous individuals and corporate donors. All donations are tax- deductible and any amount is welcome. Donors will also receive a receipt for tax purposes.  It's donations like yours that help us grow the Sunflower Foundation into something truly remarkable.



Donations Can Also Be Mailed To:

Comfort Hospice Care

6655 W. Sahara Ave.

 Suite B-114

Las Vegas, NV 89146


Apply To Volunteer



You can help the Sunflower Foundation by volunteering. Volunteers may range from teens to seniors and some may have professional skills while others are just people that want to help others and serve their community. We are actively seeking volunteers today!






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The Sunflower Foundation team

Be A Ray Of Sunshine Today.

The mission of the foundation is to provide assistance to patients that otherwise could not provide it for themselves or their families. We are an independent not for profit foundation that wants to continue to service hospice patients and ease their journey through serious illness.


The mission of Comfort Hospice Care is to provide the highest quality of care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We seek to provide unified care, not only to the patient, but to the entire family as well. We strive to provide and enhance comfort.


The Sunflower Foundation was born after our hospice company had a patient that had a last desire for her young children and husband to enjoy a fully landscaped back yard. They had no means to do this so our hospice team composed of nurses, volunteer’s, community liason’s and office help got together and landscaped the yard and filled it with flowers and trees so that the patient was able to look out her window and enjoy watching her children play in the beauty of her yard. As our foundation continues to grow we remain committed to our mission.


Sunflower Foundation Brochure

If you need a handy reference to print out rather than this website, please see our Sunflower Foundation brochure.