Bereavement Services


Before or after a death, bereavement services are offered to help individuals cope with the impending loss of a loved one or the loss of a loved one.


Our bereavement services are offered to all individuals in the community.


For more information on our bereavement services please call us at 702-489-4412.



Spiritual Care Services

Spiritual Care Services


Chaplains provide spiritual care to all hospice patients and families that request it at admission or anytime during their hospice stay. Our team will also assist patients in contacting their own faith based organization or clergy of their choice.


Spiritual Care support occurs in these hospice settings:

Inpatient units


Nursing Homes

Group Homes

Assisted Living Facilities


Spiritual Care may include:

Anticipatory Grief Groups


Grief Share meetings

Individual Counselling

Telephone Support

Family - Requested Memorial Services

Memorial Services


To learn more about our Spiritual services you can call us at 702-489-4412 and view our calendar of events